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5 Budget Friendly Activities in Amsterdam

19. januar 2020
Not many cities around the world are like Amsterdam -- fun, engaging, and budget-friendly. Many of the attractions around Amsterdam are actually free to visit or come at a minimal cost. Other treats, like sipping a cup of coffee at a cafe will only set you back a few euros. However, if you are concerned about finding the best budget-friendly activities for everyone to enjoy, then look no further. 

Biking Around Amsterdam

If you really want to experience Amsterdam, then you go Dutch. In other words, you don’t have to spend any money on public transportation if you don’t want to. Amsterdam is one of the best cities for biking in the entire world, with a number of biker-only roads, trails, and low-cost rentals for everyone in the group to enjoy for as little as 5 euros a day. Just remember that you need to follow some basic biking rules while in Amsterdam, such as avoiding the pavement (stick to marked paths), always stay on the right (and out of the way of others), and never ring your bell. 

Attend Free Concerts

The Dutch city is home to many artists, so if you like performances, you won’t be hard pressed to find dance, theatre, and music at every corner. Yet, if you want to do something that is truly cheapo approved, then you head to the Concertgebouw on Wednesday. Not only do you get a free lunch, you get to listen to live music at no additional cost. Sometimes, it is merely students doing a recital, but sometimes you get lucky and stumble upon the actual Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra! Oh, and on nice days, the outdoor green space is perfect for a low-cost picnic!
Another place offering free lunch on Tuesdays and music is the Muzietheater/Stopera at Amsterdam Waterloo Square. 

Free Garden at Rijksmuseum

So, you might not have the money to pay the admission fee at the famous Rijksmuseum, but that’s okay. You can spend your time at the fully accessible, free garden. The garden is a historic gallery of Renaissance and Baroque styles. There are even free guides available to explain the value of the fountains, ponds, architectural pieces decorating the gardens, as well as the statues. For those who want a new experience, head over to the open air chess game. People are waiting to be challenged. Just remember that the Baroque Garden will be closed on weekends. 

Summertime at Vondelpark

If you find yourself in Amsterdam in the summertime, then there is a festival at Vondelpark that you absolutely cannot miss. The Vondelpark Festival is held throughout the summer on weekends. An open air theatre is set up and runs programs suitable for children and adults alike. Though much of the acts are presented in Dutch, the atmosphere is still very enjoyable and gives you a chance to experience culture for absolutely nothing.

The Mezrab

Again, it cannot be stressed enough the Amsterdam is for the artistic and adventurous at heart. If you are looking for a different kind of cultural experience presented in English, then the Mezrab is the perfect place for you. The shows at the Mezrab are quite astounding. Every weeknight is different, ranging from dance, art exhibitions, Iranian style storytelling, music, and movies. Every show is free. If you’re feeling hungry, the Mezrab also offers tea and a selection of Iranian soups. 


There is so much to see and do in Amsterdam that will cost you absolutely nothing, but this list is an excellent start. Simply grab your bike and be ready for an adventure of a lifetime. Amsterdam will delight your senses with every stop! Don’t forget to save even more money for travel by booking your flight with Flyavel

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