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5 packing hacks for flying with less baggage

1. junij 2020
We’ve all been there; about to head off on the holiday of a lifetime, only to realise that we’ve massively overpacked. The next hour or so will then be spent hysterically packing and unpacking in a half-hearted attempt to condense down your luggage.
Trying to decide what you do and don’t need can be a huge challenge. Whilst part of you will want to bring only the bare necessities, the rest of you will be planning to bring half your wardrobe, your favourite camera, your laptop, your books…
Even thought it may seem great to bring everything that you MIGHT need, it’s just impractical. Baggage costs a LOT of money, so most travellers will try to bring as little as they can to cut down on costs where possible.

It makes sense, then, that so many holiday-goers look for ingenious hacks to cut down on the amount of luggage they need to travel with; travelling lighter will make it so much easier to lug your suitcase across an airport, and you’ll have a little bit more cash to spend whilst you're away.
Let’s take a look at a few of the best travel hacks to cut down on the amount of baggage you have to carry:

Carry-On only

This might seem a little bit ambitious; rather than packing four suitcases and a carry on bag, just bring what you need as hand-luggage.

Sure, you might feel like you’ll be missing out - you won’t be able to bring half as many clothes as you were hoping, or you might feel like you’ve forgotten something, but don’t worry!

9 times out of 10, you’ll bring way too many unnecessary items and end up leaving most of your luggage unpacked. By only bringing carry-on luggage, you’ll be forcing yourself to pack light and carry only the essentials!

If you’re travelling for an extended amount of time, this might not be the best solution, but if you’re only travelling for a short amount of time, one carry-on bag is usually perfect.

There’s another advantage to only packing carry-on luggage: you’ll avoid the airport queues! Rather than having to wait in line to receive your suitcases, you can just grab your bag from the plane and set off to enjoy your holiday.

Make a list (and check it twice!) 

When you plan your holiday, how do you decide what you need to pack? Do you go through your wardrobes and closets, picking out whatever looks good in the moment?
If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. We’re guilty as charged, too! What we’ve found, though, is that making a list is a great way to cut down on what you need.

Start by writing down the bare minimum: two or three outfits, your toothbrush, your phone charger… Once you’ve packed according to your list, you’ll then be able to decide if you’ve got the space for the more luxury items that you don’t necessarily need.

Try to stick to your list - it’s very tempting to impulsively add things in as you go along, but trust us on this one: making a list will be a great help in consolidating your suitcases.

Weigh your luggage 

Many of us don’t actually weigh our luggage out properly. It’s so easy to look at what you’ve packed and hazard a guess at the weight. Most of the time, we’re completely wrong.

If you’re planning on flying any time soon, you may want to invest in a travel scale. If you use this as you pack, you’ll be able to keep within the weight limits and save yourself some money.

You should also make sure you stick to the luggage weight and dimension limits. Not sticking to them usually means you will have to pay additional fees at the airport. If you forgot to jot down the baggage limits before finalising your booking, don't worry. If you book your flight through Flyavel, we'll send the baggage limits valid for all flights on your itinerary to your email address so you can always check there.  


This one’s a bit of a strange one to consider for some - while it'll be completely obvious to other travellers - but why not skip out on the towel? 
Hotels will usually supply guests with a towel - usually more than one per person if they have a pool - so if you’re planning on lounging by the hotel pool, you won’t need to bring your own! Just grab it from the hotel room before making your way down to enjoy your day.

Wear your big clothes

Are you planning on bringing thick, heavy items? Your favourite puffer jacket? A durable pair of combat boots?

Instead of packing these in your suitcase, where they’re likely to take up valuable space and weigh your luggage down, just wear them on the day

You might be warm to start with, but you’ll pay less in luggage fees, and besides - what’s a little bit of warmth if you’ve saving some cash? Besides, having some warm clothes on hand might prove in handy once you get airborne - it often gets pretty chilly on the flight.

If you're preparing for a long flight, we suggest you also read up on the 10 things you need to pack for a long flight to make it more enjoyable. If you really dislike the long-haul flights, you may be interested in how to survive them and arrive at your destination fresh and relaxed. In case you don't dread the long-haul flights that much, but hate the jet-lag that comes with them, don't be, it's quite easy to get over it.

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