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5 Reasons to Visit Venice

January 19, 2020
The romance of a floating city that may one day disappear like Atlantis is not the only draw of Venice, Italy. There is something intoxicating about the way the Venetians spend their days and the beauty of this ancient city. For backpackers, Venice is a place where you don't have to spend a lot of money in order to find adventure. Here are 5 reasons why Venice, Italy should be on your travel bucket list:


Despite the fact that Venice’s archipelago of 118 tiny islands are slowly sinking, the nickname, “Floating City” still applies. In a place full of majestic canals and waterways, the most fitting way to traverse these routes would be by gondola. In fact, there are 345 public bridges for you to pass under if your gondola capitan is willing to take up the challenge. Not only are the rides romantic, but the craftsmanship of the boats is astounding. 


Every February, Venetians uphold an age-old tradition known as Carnival. During this time of the year, not only is the city awash in vibrant colors and masquerade splendors, but there are usually over 3 million tourists joining in on the fun as well. If you ever wanted to see a city swept up in the thralls of a masquerade ball, then grab your camera and head to Venice this February. You may even be inspired to pick up a mask of your own! 

Produce at the Marketplace

Most people tend to make a beeline to the upscale restaurants that Venice has to offer, but if you are a budget traveller, then there is another, much more cultural option that will still please your palate without emptying your wallet. The markets around Venice are the perfect way to immerse yourself in the culture will indulging in sights, sounds, and of course, the delicious smells of fresh food. It is an absolute treat! The recommended marketplaces are Frezzeria, Mercerie, and Rialto Mercato. If you’re looking for antiques, then head to Mercatino dell’Antiquartiato. 


Though many of the sunset spots in Venice have starting attracting crowds around the time the sun begins to dip beneath the clouds, once you’ve seen a Venice sunset, you’ll understand why. Sunsets in Venice are indescribably beautiful. The sky transforms into a stunning orange and red painting that leaves you breathless. Grab some Italian wine or espresso and enjoy the free show in a plaza or from a balcony. 

History and Architecture

There is something miraculous about how the Floating City has endured for over 1500 years on the sea. From the 1300-1500s, the Republic of Venice was a powerful hub of commerce and aristocracy. Some parts even once belonged to Austria. Most bridges have been standing since the dawn of the city, and much of the historic areas have yet to lose their unique Venetian flair. If you are up for a different kind of history, be sure to check out the moonlit ghost tour


Venice isn't just some tourist trap, though there are some things you can certainly avoid. The city is a magical place that appears just like it does in the movies. Budget travellers will find this city full of wonder and intrigue, especially those who enjoy seeking out history in nooks and crannies or mingling with the locals. Be sure to travel with Flyavel so you have even more cash to buy fresh fruits and vegetables for a picnic along the canals!

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