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Becoming a Travel Genius: The Ins and Outs of Smarter Travel

19. januar 2020
A hot topic in the travel world nowadays is how to travel “smarter.” In other words, are you spending too much time, money and energy doing things that could be negatively impacting your journey? Want to learn how to become a travel genius? Flyavel has you covered! Here are our top tips for smart travel.

1. Get the best deals

Save money for what really matters - don't overspend on your flights. When searching for a bargain flight, make sure you choose trustworthy websites. Here are some things  you should know when deciding who to book with:
  • Lower advertised price isn't necessarily a lower booking price: some websites advertise a lower price of the flight tickets than it is in reality. Once you arrive to the booking page and start filling out all the details - they will add additional fees (eg. "credit card fee", "airport taxes", etc.) which greatly increase the total price - it often ends up costing more than on other websites you've been eyeing which have a higher advertised price, but have no hidden fees. We at Flyavel pride ourselves in making sure there we have no hidden costs what-so-ever. The price you see on our results page is the price you pay, should you choose to book. There are no bogus credit card fees or airport taxes added on top of it.
  • Choose reputable websites to book with: some websites may make it impossible to contact them via email after you book and will only give their supposedly toll-free phone number (which is not toll-free for international callers, but they won't write that info down for you to see). They might even send a (very) confusing email and, as you will be confused about your flight status and the only way to contact them is the "toll-free" telephone number - you will of course want to clear up any confusion you might have and call them. You will then spend the next half an hour on hold, waiting in "line". Afterwards the first person who finally answers will just connect you to a different person - and you will be on hold for another half an hour or even more.. oh, and your telephone bill, meanwhile, is skyrocketing without you knowing it. Guess who gets a big slice of that bill? Yup, you guessed it - they do. At Flyavel, you can always contact us on info@flyavel.com or through our facebook page. Our travel experts will help you regardless of whether you have any questions regarding booking with us, or you just found yourself in a bit of a situation abroad and need some advice. We are always here for you.
  • Cookies can hurt: some websites use your past search queries against you. Based on your past behaviour, they might predict you are highly interested in booking a certain flight on a specific date and they will use that information to artificially increase prices - that way, they earn more from your booking. Of course, the underlying flight prices always fluctuate regardless of the webpage you use to search for flights, but a lot of the websites manipulate the flight prices even further. Flyavel will never increase prices artificially based on your past searches as that goes against everything we believe in - which is to make travelling cheap and affordable for everyone. However, if you choose to book with any other page, we do recommend getting a secure VPN and / or using incognito browser mode for booking the flight. Don't be surprised when you see the price that's been increasing for the past few days has suddenly dropped in incognito mode.

2. Bring a water bottle

Be sure to pack an empty water bottle or thermos in your carry-on. Once you clear security, you can fill your water bottle up and save it for your flight. This is especially critical for long haul flights, because dehydration will make the jet-lag feel even worse upon arrival. Oh, and you will save quite a bit of money compared to purchasing beverage onboard. Stay hydrated on your flight and after.

3. Keep a USB stick with you

In case you lose your luggage and have packed valuable documents inside or, worse, you are robbed, having a USB with your sensitive information stashed away in a hidden place is always a smart move. In an encrypted file, keep copies of your travel insurance, health insurance, passport, flight information, and other essential information like phone numbers for your banking and credit card institutions. From there, you can go immediately to the local embassy and get everything taken care of.

4. Travel light

Sure, having all your clothes and a selection of shoes with you is nice, but how often do you actually wear every outfit you pack? Select a few options, such as a pair of loose pants, dress pants, and jeans or shorts. Place three shirts on each selection of pants, along with some undergarments and socks then roll those up. Rolling your clothes saves space, and doing so as a single outfit is even smarter. You can also pack socks and underwear in your hiking boots, for example. If you find yourself in need of washing some clothes - wash them in the sink—it’s cheaper and less confusing than laundry facilities with all the instructions in a local language which you probably do not understand.

5. Know how to read a map

Smart travellers don’t get lost, and geniuses always have a local map that isn’t stored on their electronic device. In the event you can’t get a GPS map, eg. your phone battery dies or you have issues with the signal, knowing how to read a map, along with having several points marked on this map, will help you get your bearings so you don’t wind up several hours away from your destination. For eConvenience - we do recommend downloading Google Maps areas offline. That way, you will be able to use Google Maps abroad even if you have no data plan. Just make sure that you always have a physical map backup in case all your electronics fail.

6. Know local customs

Whenever you go abroad, learning a little about the culture of your destination will help you enjoy the holiday more. You will understand the why and how, which in turn makes doing even the simplest things, like crossing the street, much less confusing (and believe us, in some high-traffic cities with abysmal driver culture - crossing the street IS confusing and can be dangerous for foreigners; when you find yourself in such a situation - just shadow what a local is doing and follow them when crossing the street). 

7. Think and act like a local

Aside from learning how to be respectful to the culture, Flyavel always recommends learning some common phrases in the local language. So many people think you can get by with just English, but many places around the world don’t speak English or have a large number of the population that doesn't, especially in Asia and Southeast Asia. Furthermore, do as the locals do. Eat where they eat. Shop where they shop. You’ll save money and have a much more immersive experience.
Being a travel genius doesn’t mean knowing rocket science. All you need is an open mind and some preparation. With that, you can do anything you set your mind to when traveling—without making the trip more stressful than it needs to be.

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