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Everything that you need to know about open-jaw flight tickets

1. junij 2020
Imagine this: you’re a traveller with dreams of seeing as many places as possible in one trip. You’re planning on backpacking across Europe, high-tailing it through the scenery on a train. Staying in a different hostel every night, just so you can see the stars from a different city.

There’s just one problem: getting back.

Traditional return flights will allow you to travel directly from one destination to another, where you’ll be able to enjoy your time until you have to come home. From there, you’ll take the same flight, from the same destination, just the other way around.
It can be quite restrictive, especially if you’re planning on visiting multiple countries. You’ll need to either return to your original destination before your departure, or buy two separate one-way tickets travelling from different locations. Both of these can be extremely costly - not ideal, especially if you’re travelling on a budget!
That’s where open-jaw travel comes into play. You might not have heard of the term before, but essentially, an open-jaw flight will take you from one destination to another, with a return flight (to your starting location) from yet another place.
For example, you could be travelling from London to Kyiv. Let’s say you didn’t want to spend the whole holiday in Ukraine and decided to take a train to Poland; an open-jaw flight would allow you to take a return flight to London from your airport of choice in Poland!

Open-jaw flights can become confusing, but they’re a great way for many travellers to save money whilst being able to enjoy multiple locations.

Here’s everything you need to know if you’re planning on booking an open-jaw ticket:

Different types of flight

Open-jaw travel simply refers to flights involving 3 individual locations. There are actually three different types of open-jaw tickets, which we’ll look into now.

Origin Open-Jaw

An origin Open-Jaw flight is the most common; it will allow the traveller to fly from point A (or the origin point, let’s say Venice Marco Polo) to point B (let’s say London Luton), then from point B (London Luton) back to point C (for instance, Trieste). This option is perfect for those that travel to the airport using public transport.

Destination Open-Jaw

A destination flight is very similar, but works in the opposite direction. You can travel from point A (eg. Vienna) to point B (eg. New York, JFK), then from point C (eg. Miami) back to point A (Vienna). Destination Open-Jaw comes in very handy if you're planning on visiting multiple cities at your destination, and if you're travelling to the airport with your car.

Double Open-Jaw

This one’s for perhaps the most adventurous of travellers; it allows you to fly from point A (eg. Milan) to point B (eg. Los Angeles), then from point C (eg. San Francisco) to point D (eg. Budapest)! This could be a good way to see even more distant corners of the world, or to simply allow the traveller to return home via a scenic route by another airport (great if you want to catch up with some friends in another city!). Perfect for those who travel to the airport using public transport.

Making the most of an open-jaw flight

There are plenty of reasons that somebody might consider an open-jaw flight; whether they’re avid travellers simply looking to experience more than one destination or if it’s just a practical way to return home after a one-way cruise!
We at Flyavel have developed a fantastic feature to help you look for great deals on open-jaw tickets. Rather than forcing you to manually check departures from each of the airports in your vicinity (which is tedious, time consuming and downright boring), you can simply enter your preferred departure origin and a search radius - and we'll do the hard work for you. We will automatically check all flights departing from and returning to all the airports within that radius. 

This can save you a lot of time and money; you won’t need to manually search countless destinations or return trips to try to find a bargain.


In most cases, an open-jaw ticket will cost you more than a standard return, but it will also offer you significantly more freedom on your travels. This isn’t always the case, however; a lot of the time an open-jaw flight might actually be cheaper than a traditional return.
The main appeal of an open-jaw ticket compared to purchasing two oneway tickets is that it will usually be drastically cheaper.


Some airlines do have restrictions. Luckily, Flyavel have taken the hard work out - we will only show you the best deals we have within the radius you’ve selected.

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