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Free Things to Do in San Francisco

January 19, 2020
Anyone who has traveled to San Francisco will tell you how expensive it is. However, Flyavel excels at providing you with tips, tricks, and great airfare for budget travel. So we decided to take on the challenge of budgeting in San Francisco, and we were successful. To make the most out of your money, be sure to enjoy these free things in San Francisco, California.

You are guaranteed to have an amazing time at these attractions without breaking the bank:

Walk the Golden Gate Bridge

You can walk or bike the entire Golden Gate Bridge at any time of the year, though Flyavel suggests checking out the walk during the warm weather months! You should also check out sunset and sunrise from the bridge for breathtaking sights.
Once you are finished with your long walk, don't forget to check out the Golden Gate Park's rose garden. There are over 60 beds of roses. Though the peak time to visit this place is the summer, you can avoid the crowds and still see roses well into autumn.

Free Museum Admissions

Many of the city's museums will have free admission days, but you need to check the calendars closely. Here are places that have free admissions throughout the year:

Free Performances Throughout the Year

When in San Fran, do what the Californian do! That means, attend these concerts or shows, au gratis:

Free Wine Tasting

On Treasure Island, you can visit the tasting room of Fat Grape Winery on Wednesday through Sunday to sample a selection of the famous winemaker, Patrick Bowen's, local red wines for free.

Amazing National Parks

While not all are completely free, some of the most amazing national parks are just a short car ride away from San Francisco. Places like the Yosemite National Park, located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, or Muir Woods on the outskirts of San Fran will surely take your breath away! The national parks around San Francisco offer a perfect getaway and give you the chance to connect with the nature in all its' glory. Be it winter, spring, summer or autumn, they are astonishing all-year round.

Sail the Sea

Once a month, the Cal Sailing Club offers free sailboat rides aboard the fleet of dinghies and keelboats. Since most cruises are expensive, consider this an awesome chance to experience the SF bay!

Fun at Crissy Field

Aside from the urban hiking path known as the Crissy Field Walk (runs from the Marina and Fort Point to beneath the Golden Gate Bridge), there are a host of things to do at this beach. You can catch seafood without a license at Torpedo Wharf, for free, then bring it over to the public grills to whip up some tasty seafood. Dogs are also allowed to run off the leash, too – just in case you have a furry companion in tow.

Don't Forget a Discount Pass

The San Francisco Public Library is doing something awesome: free museum and attraction passes on an online platform called Discover & Go. You can choose a couple of free passes for places that are usually quite pricey and then print your tickets before going to San Fran. There are sites offered in different languages, too.

Final Thoughts

A vacation in San Francisco is undeniably fun. It doesn't matter where you go, you will find something free and accessible for travelers of any age. Don't forget to check out Flyavel's amazing airfare, so you can save money before, during, and after your trip to San Francisco. And hey, the more you save, the more souvenirs you can bring back from Cali!

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