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Greek Islands You Need to Put on Your Bucket List

January 19, 2020
There are more than 200 Greek islands to visit. Though you might be tempted to visit them all—and there’s nothing wrong with that—keep in mind that all the islands have their own unique characteristics. Some of them might be better suited for you and your ideal holiday than others. To get you started with your Greek island adventure, though, Flyavel has curated a list of the best Greek islands to put on your bucket list.


Santorini - a Greek island which many say offers views of the most beautiful sunset in the world - is a must visit. Famous for its amazing sunsets, colourful houses and volcanic beaches, it is one of the most beautiful, as well as most visited Greek islands - for a good reason ;) A word of advice - choose your spot for viewing the sunset early enough as the best spots get crowded soon.


Want to go to an island that covers all the bases? While Zakynthos is known for its iconic Shipwreck Bay, framed by ivory cliffs and azure waters, there is much more here than you’d originally expect. Partiers will love the streets Laganas and Kalamaki. Those who love the outdoors can hike the Vassilikos Peninsula, and those with children will find the energetic towns ideal.


Need a place to retreat from civilization for a while and stoke the coals of your inspiration? Hydra is known as an artist’s retreat, because the roads are car-free, and natural preservation is prioritized. Though there aren’t many beaches, there are cliffs to go diving from and no surfeit of nightlife.


Being that Corfu is the capital of the Ionian islands, you can expect it to have plenty of splendors. The architecture is a mix of British, Venetian, and French, so you can expect brightly coloured villages, wineries, superior restaurants, and some of the coolest tavernas in the region. There’s even preserved Byzantine-era villages. Choose Corfu if you want a taste of the finer things and endless relaxation.


The largest member of the Ionian islands is often the goal for nature lovers and those who wish to experience an unadulterated Mediterranean lifestyle. The seaside towns, pristine beaches, cypress trees, ragged rock formations and hiking around Mount Ainos are just a couple of reasons to visit Kefalonia.


Many people draw similarities between Mykonos and Ibiza, Spain in both attitude and culture. During the day, Mykonos is a laid back beach town, where families, solo travelers, and students alike are looking for some time in the sun or souvenirs. At night, however, Mykonos transforms into the epicentre of nightlife—full of strobe and LED lights and blaring music. Have drinks at the Sea Breeze Cocktail Bar in Little Venice before partying it up at the club called Caprice.


What makes Crete a concrete (pun intended) choice for a travel destination is the blend of ancient history with modern life. There are ancient inlets and harbors matched with the elegance of Venetian towns and lively tavernas with delectable food. During the day, you can wonder olive orchards or gaze out in awe from the summit of Mount Ida. Or work you way through the Samaria Gorge. Aside from that, there’s beaches and even a party town called Malia to visit.
Now that you know about some of the most beautiful and captivating Greek islands out in the Aegean sea, you need to get there. Flyavel has budget-friendly airfare to get you to Greece and beyond. Simply choose which island you’re flying out to, and leave the flight to Flyavel.

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