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How to Experience Stockholm on a Budget

January 19, 2020
Stockholm is a destination that combines a number of historical, cultural, and entertainment elements into one unique location. Parks, delicious food, friendly people and more await. However, because of this, it shouldn’t be surprising that Stockholm is one of the least budget-friendly locations in Europe to visit. Still, if you plan according with the following recommendations from the travel pros at Flyavel, you can experience Stockholm on a budget.

Take Advantage of Free Tours

Free Tour Stockholm is one of the many organisations that offers free walking tours around the city. You can choose courses that take you into various districts, either filling you in on modern day details or historical ones. The tours usually last a couple of hours, so wear comfortable shoes!

Snack Smartly

Eating out in Stockholm is expensive. Groceries, on the other hand, are comparable to most of the developed world. This means you should cook whenever you can and avoid fancy sit-down restaurants. Even street food can be overpriced. If you really must eat out, though, stick to lunch buffets, which usually cost around 100 kronor for all you can eat options. Also, keep a water bottle with you, since the price of bottled water is shocking.

Seek Out Free Parks

In Sweden, all the parks are free. During the wintertime, you can even enjoy free ice skating. Therefore, if you love wandering green spaces and taking it easy, parks like Djurgarden, Gardet, Ralabshovsparken, and Gamla Stan are all great choices. Also, in the summer months, Parkteatern has free theatre and dance performances, as well as live music concerts.

Visit Free Museums

Stockholm has over 70 museums that either have free admission all the time or are free on particular days of the month. For example, the Architecture and Design Centre (ArkDes) is a free museum that intrigues minds of all ages. Right next to ArkDes is the Modern Museum, which has free entry for permanent displays. Other interesting free museums include the Woodland Cemetery and the National Library of Sweden.

Cut Back on Alcohol

Stockholm is a place to party, even if you don’t hear a lot about the nightlife here. One of the reasons is the price of alcohol. Still, if you want to experience the nightlife, head over to an area called Ostermalm, where the price of amusement is cheaper, because aside from drinks, there are also awesome tunes, friendly people, photo booths, and generally great vibes. Another option is the Systembolaget, the Swedish government’s liquor store, where prices are the cheapest around.

Use a Transportation Pass

Like many cities in Europe, you can purchase transportation cards that give you discounts on travel. From Friday through Sunday, the subway stations also run 24 hours, saving you from having to take that expensive taxi home after partying at a bar. However, the city is completely walkable, so if you like walking, you’ll never need transportation.

Bus number 4 is also a great way to see the city, since the price is only 40 kronor. The road takes you from Sodermalm all the way to the Swedish National Radio and TV Broadcasting Houses.

Stockholm might be expensive, but as you’ve read, there are ways to cut spending on this city. Use the Flyavel-approved tips and tricks to ensure a good time. After all, Stockholm is one of the most exciting and invigorating cities on the planet—so don’t let the price tag scare you away.

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