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How to Get Cheap Airfare

January 19, 2020
Arguably the most stressful part of planning for a trip is finding a decently priced flight to your destination. There is a plethora of search engines to use, constantly fluctuating prices, and overwhelming additional fees tacked on at the last moment. Here are Flyavel-approved tips for saving you time, frustration, and money when booking your next holiday flight.

Be flexible

Whenever trying to find cheap flight tickets to any destination, the main trick to getting the cheapest deal possible is to be flexible. Does it matter which specific date you travel on? Do you have any obligations to be at the destination on a certain date? If the answer to both questions is a firm 'no', then you are already well on the way to ensuring you get the best possible deals. If you want to visit New York in the summer and spend around 10 days there, just enter your destination, earliest and latest acceptable dates to travel on, and the desired duration of your stay. Let us take care of the rest and find the best deals possible in your stead, we will only take a couple of seconds.

Keep It Hush-Hush

Though we at Flyavel would love to point to ourselves and say that our site is your best and final resource for securing cheap plane flights, we know most everyone use(d) other flight search engines as well. While we will never raise price of the flights you find on Flyavel based on your past activity - we always strive to get you the best and the cheapest deals available - some flight search engines do exactly that.

If you are going to use a different flight search engine, be sure to clear your browser cookies.
You might not be aware of it, but those cookies you are haphazardly allowing to be stored in your computer or smartphone are traitorous. Based on the cookie crumbs you leave behind, returning time and again to check on prices will actually make those prices rise. Always search for plane flights with a VPN or in private-browsing mode to see the absolute lowest prices.
Google Chrome and Safari both have “incognito” mode that can be turned on hitting “Control” (for Windows users) or “Command” (for Mac users), Shift, and N. For Firefox or Internet Explorer/Edge, hit Control/Command, Shift, and P. Your browser will open up a window where your activity isn’t going to get tracked.

Know When to Depart

A few years ago, the secret was let out that Tuesday afternoon is the best time to shop for travel deals. However, with that out of the bag, you can longer trust for the lowest airfare to be visible on Tuesday. Therefore, the best strategy is to use prediction software that shows you a quick visual of price fluctuations and allows you to see which days are the cheapest dates to fly. When you search for flights on Flyavel, we make sure to use all the data at our disposal to find the cheapest flights for you. 
As for the actual time of the flight, you will want to choose the earliest flights. Though this might mean getting up at 4 in the morning to make it to the airport in time, you get the cheapest flight and arrive at your destination faster. Win-win!

Book With Budget Airlines

Though all airlines have their budget-friendly days, there are some airlines that simply go above and beyond to help you save money. Though many budget airlines have additional fees, such as luggage and seat charges, as well as food that is not included in the ticket price, you can tailor the overall cost to your needs. And honestly, some of them are way better than non-budget airlines in terms of comfort, service, customer support, etc!

Here are our favorite budget airlines to travel with:
  • Norwegian
  • JetBlue Airways (New York-based)
  • Virgin America
  • EasyJet (Europe)
  • RyanAir (Europe)
  • IndiGlo (New Delhi-based)
  • Southwest Airlines (America-based)
  • Azul Brazilian Airlines
  • Jetstar Airways (Throughout SEA)
  • AirAsia X (Malaysia-based)

Seek Out Overbooked Flights and Get Bumped

Now, this is really only sound if you don’t have a set itinerary, because getting bumped out of your seat comes with some risk for the reward. When flights get oversold, passengers are sometimes asked to forfeit their seat to make room for crew members or diplomatic officials. Usually, if you volunteer to give up your seat, you are given a voucher of some sort. Usually, this is for a free ticket on popular routes, meaning you can get a better seat on a better flight without paying that extra money, or for a monetary reward.
Yes, there are some caveats. You don’t want to be bringing luggage along if you plan on getting bumped. You also want to make sure your plans aren’t set in stone (and that you’re not going to lose your hotel reservation, for example). But hey, sometimes getting bumped results in you getting a monetary compensation that is worth a lot more than you spent for your flight tickets, along with the ticket on the next available flight to your destination and if you are forced to wait until the next day, you might even get a free hotel and transport to and from the airport. Not bad, huh? :)


Though securing cheap airfare simply comes down to using sites like Flyavel for booking your plane tickets, there are additional ways to help you reduce the cost of your airfare. By keeping an eye on the price fluctuations, booking when they are at an all-time low, and having some flexibility, you can find cheap prices that make your jaw drop.

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