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How to Survive That Long Haul Flight

19. januar 2020
As much as the Flyavel team loves flying and discovering new lands, just like you, we also know the horror of dealing with a long haul flight. Hours spent in the plane, hours spent at the airport—it all comes together in a blur of time and space that is exhausting and, sometimes, very frustrating. Since flights are our specialty, we at Flyavel have put together a list of tips to help you survive that long haul flight and arrive at your destination with energy.

Carry-on in the overhead bin

For those who frequently fly business class, this isn’t much of a problem, but those who are relegated to economy seating will find themselves sad that their carry-on has taken up all the legroom they’ve been afforded. Rather than cramping yourself up even further, put most of your carry-on items in the overhead bin and have a single pouch with essentials like electronic chargers, headphones, toiletries, and the like to keep in the seat pocket. Also make sure you pack some clothes and some underwear in the carry-on - you never know when you might reach your destination and have your checked baggage lost somewhere along the way.


Don’t rush back to your seat when visiting the toilet. Instead, walk around a bit. Stretch. Enjoy the privacy of the bathroom to do some body weight squats and torso twists. In your seat, do DVT-prevention exercises, like pointing and flexing your feet, circling your ankles, and shaking your legs. Fidget often. Get up often, usually 5-10 minutes for every few hours you sit. This will help keep your body healthy, the blood flowing, and even help stave off jet lag. Also, invest in some decent compression socks.

Don’t resort to “Are we there yet?” thinking

The worst mistake you can make is looking at that interactive map on the control panel of the entertainment console. You start to enter the cycle of “are we there yet?” and “It’s how many more hours now?” This can be dangerous, especially when you start getting anxious or stiff. Instead of looking at the map, watch some movies and embrace the flow of the journey. Sleep when you’re tired, get up and move around when you need to, and enjoy.

Bring some comfort items

Being on a long haul flight can feel like staying overnight in a capsule hostel—minus the bed. Invest in a decent lightweight blanket, a supportive travel pillow, and a face mask for starters. You might also want a decent pair of earplugs or noise-reducing headphones. You might also want some basic toiletries, like a travel-sized toothbrush and paste combo, mouthwash, face wash, and body spray or roll-on deodorant to help you feel fresh when landing.

Stay hydrated

Since aircraft cabins are very dry and cold (which is for good reason, we assure you), you are going to want to stay as hydrated as possible. Yes, even if you’re stuck in the window seat and might need more frequent bathroom breaks. Instead of opting for tea, coffee, and alcohol, drink mainly water. If you’re allowed, bring a bottle of water onboard with you. Also, don’t forget to bring some moisturizer and eye drops to help the rest of you stay comfortable.

Now that you are arms with some tips for dealing with long haul flights, the next flight should feel like a dream. Don’t forget this information when packing up for your next adventure!

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