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Professional traveller/gin-taster?

19. januar 2020
First off - have you ever tried gin, the famous alcoholic beverage originating from the Netherlands? Did you like it? And you love travelling? Great, read on!

'The Society of Exploration', a new bar that is being opened in London, is looking for someone who would travel on their behalf and at their expense (not only that - but also will be paid for it) to places like Bombay, Hong Kong, Paris, New York, Japan, San Francisco (not necessarily in that order) and hand deliver "a variety of very important items located around the world" to them.
Is this gig for everyone? No, sir, no m'am! You must be courageous, lionhearted, valiant, be able to climb the Mount Everest wearing nothing but trousers and survive years in the Sahara desert on your own, amongst other things. Although, many of us at Flyavel believe they might turn a blind eye if you do not meet all of these requirements ;)
Still, you must be over 21 years old to apply. You should be a formidable, brave person who loves adventures, have some photography skills and be active on social media (#instagram ;)). You should also be a talented writer who likes to dress him- or herself in Victorian style and ready to accomplish the adventure between August 2018 and November 2018. We suspect all those who like drinking gin may have the edge over those who don't :)

So, if you wish to travel the world and be paid for it and have a fondness for gin, you have until August 27th to apply for the perhaps best job opening in the world.

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