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Reasons Why Malta is Perfect Any Time of the Year

19. januar 2020
What do the 1980s Popeye film, the Game of Thrones, and Meghan Markle all have in common? The answer is Malta, an island nation in the Mediterranean. Malta is comprised of 3 islands—Malta, Gozo, and Comino; but regardless of which one you visit, you’re in for the perfect holiday whenever you go. Though we at Flyavel could list a number of attractions to tempt you into visiting Malta, there’s more to the island than that. That’s why we’ve come up with the following list of reasons why Malta is the perfect destination any time of the year:

1. Weather

Warm and sunny weather all year round—that is the biggest reason Malta is perfect. While some inclement weather might roll in around July and August, the average temperature doesn’t get much higher than 30 degrees C. Furthermore, Malta rarely sees more than 10mm of rain and gets around 12 hours of sunshine in a single day. And if you’re looking to escape the cold or don’t like the heat, consider Malta in the winter, when the temperature averages around 15 degrees C.

2. Safety

Whether you’re a single backpacker or considered an island destination for your family, you can rest assured knowing that Malta is extremely safe. Although other nearby regions, such as Tunisia, Egypt, and Turkey have been hotspots of late, Malta hasn’t been adversely affected. Even the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has routinely said the terrorism threat in Malta is low.

3. Scrumptious Food

Thanks to the location of Malta in the Mediterranean, seafood is abundant and varied. Seafood is caught year round, and you will find delectable ethnic fare throughout the islands. Malta also has a strong Italian influence. If you have a sweet tooth, try Maltese bread or pastries by visiting local bakeries. Flyavel recommends the hobz roll, a soft bun that’s topped with herbs, tomatoes, and onions.

4. Fascinating History

There are places like the Grand Master’s Palace of Valletta that has been around since 1571. You can visit the palace to see paintings of Maltese rulers, as well as the armoury, which has rare suits of armour. Then you have the impressive St. John’s Co-Cathedral, built in the 16th century and home to artefacts and the painting of John the Baptist that features 405 painstakingly detailed tombs. Lastly, the backstreets, Grand Harbour, and Upper Barrakka Gardens all have history, but they’re most famous for recent appearances in movies like Troy, Gladiator, and the hit TV series, the Game of Thrones.

5. Blue Lagoon

Found on Comino, the Blue Lagoon is heaven. This tiny bay has waters that are bright blue and ideal for snorkelling. You might even have a sense of deja vu if you’ve seen Helen of Troy or the Count of Monte Cristo, both of which had scenes filmed here. Don’t miss the chance to swim in this beautiful place, framed by jagged rocks, sand, and caves.
Malta might be one of those “under the radar” destinations,” but that doesn’t mean you should completely forget about it. With ideal weather throughout the year; clear, calm waters; mouthwatering food; and captivating historical and cultural attractions, you are bound to find more than one reason to keep coming back to Malta time and again. The only question left is: have you booked your flight yet?

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