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The Benefits of Traveling Alone

19. januar 2020
Traveling solo is nothing to be feared. Solo travel might not be considered safe or may even be seen as boring by some, but the truth is that there is so much more available to you when you are flying solo than you ever imagined. In fact, traveling alone is incredibly rewarding, can serve as a path of self-discovery, and much more. Today, we at Flyavel want to introduce you to the advantages of traveling alone so you too can gain the courage to see the world on your own.

1. Unbridled freedom

When you travel with a group, you need to be considerate about the members of the group and always have to be concerned about where people can eat, what they want to do, how long they want to sleep, and what their budget is. When you are a single traveling person, you only have you to worry about. There are no debates about where to go, no drama about who slept in whose bed, or which option is the most “okay.” No, you don’t have to compromise. You simply sling on your daypack and go for it, with the only limiter being yourself.

2. Making friends is easier than ever

Being alone is a beautiful thing, because it gives you insane confidence to strike up a conversation with a stranger. While we at Flyavel don’t condone reckless behavior, we do encourage solo travelers to meet up with other travelers at their hotel or hostel, engage in excursions and experiences, and communicate with the locals. You will discover so much more about the destination you are visiting when you talk to people you don’t know.

3. You can be yourself

Another advantage of traveling alone is that you don’t have to put on a mask. Since no one knows you, you can be whomever you wish to be. You can be as introverted or as extroverted as you wish, without worrying about what other people think. Being alone also gives you the ability to discover who you really are, as well as the inner strength that resides within. You will find yourself doing things you never thought you could do, because no one is there to plant the idea of “can’t” in your head.

4. You learn to cherish alone time

In a world where everyone is connected to the internet 24/7, traveling alone puts you in a place that disconnects you from everything you know. You will actually find yourself putting down the phone, camera, and other networking devices to simply soak in the moment you realize that you are alone, seeing this world with fresh eyes. When this happens, you will realize being alone once in a while isn’t so bad.

5. You will feel more inspired

Above all, without having to rush around and abide by the wants of others, you are able to linger in your room, sleep, eat, and play in peace. This gives your mind time to unwind, and you will actually start to find more time in your daily routine to do the things that make you feel creative, happy, and inspired. No wonder so many digital nomads travel alone!
Travel is one of life’s greatest experiences, opening us up to new opportunities, people, and places we never had access to alone. But when you decided to travel alone, you are benefiting from travel more than you would in group. Without drama and with complete freedom, the world is yours to discover and enjoy.

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