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The Greatest of Bangkok’s Nightlife

19. januar 2020
We at Flyavel are willing to bet you didn’t know that Bangkok, Thailand is known as the party center of Southeast Asia. Bangkok might be a blaze of adventure and youthful energy in the daylight hours, but it is when the sun goes down that the city truly starts to breath its first breath. The streets get quiet, just in time to witness the neon lights, entertainment, dining, and bars fill up with patrons from all across the globe.

Here are the Flyavel-approved bars, nightclubs, and streets that make up the greats of Bangkok nightlife:


If you’re in the mood for bar-hopping, Flyavel suggests Royal City Avenue (RCA), an energetic area catering to the 25-and-under crowd. The club that attracts throngs of people would be Route 66, which was named after the American highway. You’ll get to hear some pretty eclectic tracks and dance the night away with a bunch of Thai youth. If you want a more laid back option, try Cosmic Cafe, where there’s free live music every night, all night.

Sukhumvit Soi 11

Here is a street pumped full with restaurants, bars, and nightclubs that welcome tourists from near and far. The best places to check out on this street might be right next to your hotel or hostel (because this is where many boutique places are popping up). Be on the lookout for Apoteka, where live music takes center stage next to craft beer. Another option for house music lovers would be Levels, where live DJs play every night.

Soi Cowboy

Named after the African-American with a cowboy hat who founded the first bar in the 1970s, Soi Cowboy is a red light district that is more laid back than other sections of Bangkok and is filling with flashing lights and go-go bars. One of the reason why people love heading to Soi Cowboy is because all venues here have free entry and scams are nonexistent. Plus, bars here close around 2:30 AM. The A-list go-go bars include Baccara, Midnite Go Go Bar, Sahara, Deja Vu A Go-Go, Shark, and Shebas.

Nana Plaza

Welcome to the gritty Nana Plaza, a 3-storey, eye-popping location that is best know for racy bars and a true “adult” feel. If you are in the mood for an extremely exotic experience, this is where you go (and no, it’s definitely not a place for children). The first sign you’ve found Nana Plaza would be the street food stalls with weird flavour combs, like fried insects, green papaya salad, and more. You can expect the best shows to be at the infamous places like Pretty Lady, Red Lips, Lollipop (all first floor) and Fantasia and Angel Witch on the upper floors.

Maggie Choo’s

Not all of Bangkok’s nightlife is bright and flagrant. Some places, like the speakeasy known as Maggie Choo’s, take you back to the years of Chinese opium dens, heady jazz, and mahogany lattice. Lounge in a leather armchair while sipping on a cocktail here—it’s worth it. You can find Maggie Choo’s below Hotel Bangkok Fenix Silom.

From this list alone, you should get a feel for Bangkok’s varied and wild nightlife. Whether you like the relaxing speakeasies hidden beneath hotels or want to enjoy the blinking lights and beautiful dancers of Nana Plaza, there’s something for every nightlife lover in Bangkok.
PS: When you're heading back home after a night of partying, we recommend you order an Uber or at least haggle with the taxi drivers. Every nightlife centre in Bangkok has many taxi drivers waiting in line to pick up customers. None of them are prepared to turn on the taxi-meter and all of them try to give you a fixed price which they say is cheaper than the taxi meter. When you turn down the first driver, the next driver in line will give you a lower price. Based on our experience, the price the first driver gives you can be eg. 500 baht which you can bring down to about 100 baht after reaching the 3rd or 4th driver in line and firmly saying no to the previous ones. The actual price with the taxi meter would be around 50 baht in this case. 

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