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The ultimate trip around the world

1. junij 2020
Have you ever heard someone say they had gone on a trip around the world? And were you - at least a little bit - jealous after having listened to everything they'd seen and experienced and wished you could go on a trip like that some day? Here's your chance.

We'll be honest, a trip around the world is not for everyone. It takes quite a bit of courage (especially when doing travelling solo) and that's also one of reasons why in reality not many people circumnavigated the globe on a single, long(er) trip - even though it is perfectly safe and easy to do so in modern times. The second big concern when preparing for a trip such as this one is, of course, money. "Travel around the world on a budget?" - but that seems impossible, doesn't it? Would you believe us if we told you can spend time on 4 continents and visit 7 top destinations on a single trip while spending (at the time of writing this post) less than €1,350 for all the flight tickets combined?

You'll depart from and return to Vienna International Airport.

Visit Bangkok, Thailand

Your first flight is a Vienna - Bangkok flight on Thursday, March 12th 2020. The cheapest single layover flight costs €215. You can find it here.
Flyavel - Wat Arun, Bangkok
In the 7 full days you'll get to spend Bangkok, we suggest you get a massage or two (the traditional Thai massage, while quite painful, really does wonders for your body - #flyavelTeam members that visited Bangkok are all unanimous in saying it's the best and the cheapest Thai massage they've ever had), visit The Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun. If you want to do some shopping, we suggest you head down to Terminal 21. Of course, we mustn't forget about nightlife in Bangkok.

Fly to Sydney, Australia

After spending an unforgettable week in Bangkok, you'll grab a flight to Sydney on Friday, March 20th. The cheapest prices for Bangkok - Sydney flights with a single layover start at €182. Find the Bangkok - Sydney flights here.
Flyavel - Sydney Harbour with Sydney Opera House

You will have 6 full days in Sydney. Seeing the Sydney Opera House is of course a must (and we do recommend you also take a tour of the building). In fact, if you don't mind a slightly longer walk, we suggest you spend a day walking through Sydney's Hyde Park, the Royal Botanic Gardens (you'll have some amazing photo ops at Mrs Macquarie's Point), then walking by the shore towards the Opera House and up to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can then cap off the day by visiting the nearby Sydney Observatory or by seeing a show in the Sydney Opera House. You can also easily spend a better part of the day getting lost in the Taronga Zoo. If you're into museums, we highly suggest visiting the Powerhouse Museum and if you're into surfing make sure you catch some waves on the picturesque Bondi Beach.

Cross New Zealand off your travel bucket list next

Another amazing week will go by and you'll find yourself on your direct Sydney to Auckland flight on Friday, March 27th. You can purchase the tickets for just €112 on this link.
Flyavel - Landscape in New Zealand

To really make the most out of the 6 full days you'll have in New Zealand, we highly recommend you do a short road trip there. Make sure you plan everything in advance, though!

Visit Hawaii

Before having had the chance to post all the amazing pictures you took in New Zealand, you'll be on your way to Honolulu, Hawaii on Friday, April 3rd. We suggest you take a direct flight - there's only one available on that day - which costs €378. See it here.
Flyavel - Honolulu Waikiki, Hawaii

Your stay at Hawaii will be a short one, only 4 full days. But trust us, it'll be enough to recharge your batteries. You will likely stay on the Oahu island. While the island is not that big, it's also not that small. So if you're feeling up for it, we recommend you try and get a helicopter tour of the island. They are not that expensive, but you'll get to see some amazing views. The picture from above, for instance, is from a member of #teamFlyavel who had a short stop at Hawaii a couple of years ago and made the most of it by taking a helicopter tour. Besides that, hiking up to the Diamond Head is very popular. Make sure you catch the Hilton Hotel fireworks on Friday as well. We suggest you watch the sunset on the Waikiki Beach and then wait for the fireworks to begin. You'll love it!

Next up - San Francisco

Having seen a thousand rainbows and having enjoyed the relaxing Hawaii lifestyle, you'll hop on a direct flight to another top destination that's probably on everyone's bucket list - San Francisco. Your flight is on Tuesday, 7th of APril and is available from €169.
Flyavel - San Francisco bridge

You'll have another 6 days in San Francisco which is more than enough to see the Frisco bay. While San Francisco is not the cheapest of places, there's still plenty you can do for free. You'll likely want to visit the Golden Gate Bridge - in our opinion, the best times to see the Golden Gate Bridge are the sunrise and sunset. In case you're thinking about going to the Alcatraz Island, be sure to book your tickets well in advance. They sell out pretty quickly. You should also visit Pier 33 and, if you're into museums and science, California Academy of Sciences and Exploratorium. Also don't forget to see what the Lombard Street looks like in person. You might even have time to go on a day trip to see the amazing Yosemite National Park!

A trip to New York

Even though most of the trip will have been behind you at that point, you'll still have much to look forward to. The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, the amazing New York City is your next destination! You'll grab a direct San Francisco - New York flight on Tuesday, April 14th. There are quite a few daily flights with services both to JFK and EWR airports. The cheapest options start at €129.
Flyavel - New York Empire State Building

With another 6 full days in New York City to enjoy, you will want to spend most of your time on Manhattan. Thankfully New York does not have to be expensive. You can easily spend half a day - or even the whole day - getting lost in the Central Park. You can easily spend another day or two just searching for all the famous buildings and locations - Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center, Federal Bank, New York Stock Exchange, Times Square, 9 / 11 Memorial, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge where you'll have great views of the city, etc. For more ideas, see 10 cheap things to do in New York.

Quick visit of Barcelona

After a month of travelling, you'll return back to Europe - Barcelona more precisely - on a direct flight on April 20th. The tickets can be found for €122.
Flyavel - Barcelona

You'll only have 3 full days in Barcelona, so if you haven't visited it yet, you probably won't be able to see everything you'd like to see. Like in every city, there are many budget-friendly must-do activities in Barcelona as well. If you are at least a bit interested in architecture, we highly recommend you visit Gaudí's masterpieces - Casa Milà, Casa Batlló, La Sagrada Familia and Park Güell.

Return to Vienna

After having literally gone around the world and having experienced amazing adventures, you'll return to Vienna on Friday, 24th of April 2020. The tickets for direct flights start at €40.

The total cost for flight tickets for this ultimate round-the-world trip is, at the time of writing, €1,347.

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