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Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro That Don't Cost a Thing

19. januar 2020
Romantic and culture is in the air in Rio de Janeiro. Though many people fall in love with the attractions aimed at those with wealth, even those on a tight budget can dive into the intoxicating energy of this Brazilian city. There are so many cool things to seek out in Rio de Janeiro that cost you absolutely nothing.

Check out our Flyavel approved list of free things to do in Rio de Janeiro below:

Catedral Metropolitana

A site of controversy, the Catedral Metropolitana is an interesting place to go. The architectural marvel of stained glass and statues is free to tour; and if you are religious, you are more than welcome to enjoy to masses that are held throughout the week.

Fabrica Bhering

Once a chocolate factory and now a free-access art gallery with dozens of artists working inside, the Fabrica Bhering is a cultural hot spot. You can also visit the clothing stores on the ground store and enjoy a coffee stop where you can purchase fresh baked brownies, sip tea, and talk with local artists and designers.

Free Museums & Cultural Experiences

Like many popular cities around the world, Rio de Janeiro boasts an vast amount of free museums and cultural centers for you to learn all about the history of the city and country.


Why not check out world-renowned beaches while in Rio? Since the following beaches are free to access, there is no reason to get sandy:

  • Ipanema Beach
  • Copacabana Beach
  • Grumari Beach
  • Prainha – this beach is a bit far from Rio de Janeiro, but if you want a secluded patch of paradise after visiting a bustling city, Flyavel recommends!

Urban Rainforest

The Tijuca Forest is the largest urban rainforest in the world. You can journey through this green space, finding yourself surrounded by pristine nature. Bathe in the waterfalls and simply lose yourself to the calmness.
You can also stroll around Lagoa, a beautiful lake to the south of the metropolitan area. You might even see a capybara, the largest resident rodent of Brazil.

Also, if you time, Parque Lage is highly recommended! Parque Lage is a humongous mansion slash public park hidden within a tranquil forest inhabited by monkeys and tropical birds.

Iconic Sites Around the City

There are dozens of tourist spots in Rio de Janeiro that deserve some attention, especially if you love photography and pop culture references. For example, you are going to want to go to the Escadaria Selaron if you are familiar with Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Willams' single 'Beautiful.'

Or go to the Feira Rio Antigo, a street market full of antique and vintage items to transport you to retro Rio.
Another place to check out during both day and night are the Arcos de Lapa, a nightlife district that has street parties throughout the year you can enjoy for free!

Final Thoughts

Budgeting is easy when you are traveling through Rio de Janeiro, because there is so much to do for free! Beaches, jungle, and dancing the night away—that is the energy of Rio de Janeiro without any price tag. Don't forget to secure the best airfare to this dynamic city with Flyavel and start your Rio de Janeiro trip off right.

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