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Tips and Tricks for Making the Ultimate Itinerary

19. januar 2020
Creating the ultimate travel itinerary for any destination might seem like some hard work; but it is work that leads to a reward - a wonderful, fulfilling trip! Airline confirmations, hotel reservations, pre-ordered tickets and discount booklets...there’s a lot to keep a track of, but if you follow the tips and tricks our Flyavel travel experts have listed below, you will be able to do more than stay organized. You will be able to simplify the entire planning process and have more time to enjoy the destination

Have Realistic Goals

Life is all about balance, so why should travelling be any different? So many people jet off to a location with a slew of things they want to see and do without any real planning and soon realize either their must-see attractions are too far apart, too expensive, or the destination is simply too vast to see everything within the given time frame.
Leave yourself some breathing space. Realize that you cannot choreograph your trip by numbers. You don’t want to blow through attractions without soaking in the atmosphere, because that’s the main road to discontentment. Instead, research the destination, choose specific goals for each day, give yourself some wiggle room, and then allow yourself the time to enjoy the experience.

Consider Your Budget

One thing you shouldn’t forget is the overall cost of attractions, transportation, food, and other goods. Start with your transportation money. First, ask yourself whether or not the destination has discounted transport tickets, such as day passes or round-trip deals. Check the prices of transport from your accommodations to several destinations. Can you save money walking or using a city rental bike?

Next, research whether or not your destination has visitor or tourist information centres that give coupons or discounts to some attractions. You can use this extra money for souvenirs or sampling regional delicacies. Again, it is all about asking yourself what you have to do and what you want. Do you really need that souvenir, or could that money be better spent on a once-in-a-lifetime excursion?
Lastly, consider your accommodations. If you are travelling alone and don’t mind roughing it a little, you can always camp, couchsurf, stay at a dormitory-like hostel, or find a cheap guest house via Airbnb. There are dozens of ways to find budget-friendly accommodations, even if it means bouncing around every couple of days to get the best rates.

Be Flexible

Whether you are the kind of person that schedules everything minute-by-minute or a free spirit simply meandering around a destination, you don’t have to follow your itinerary right down to a T. So what if you didn’t make it to that one art museum today? Big deal. Life goes on, and so does your trip. An itinerary isn’t meant to restrain you and your journey. What should be set in stone is the day your arrive and the day you have to leave. Otherwise, a loose itinerary that makes “suggestions” about what can be done, when and where will serve you best.

Useful Websites and Apps

Finally, we have technology to help keep us organized. Various websites and applications can be used to construct itineraries and keep everyone in your group in the know. Here are some of the best:
  • Viator – Find tours, sightseeing adventures, live and local entertainment, free cultural classes, and much more. You can also reserve and pay in advance, helping you balance your budget.
  • Trover – Similar to Viator, Trover helps you discover activities that are a little less well known and off the beaten path.
  • Tripit.com – Create online itineraries then email it to yourself, friends, and family. The site automatically inserts useful information into your itinerary, such as maps, directions, weather predictions and more. Tripit is free to use.
  • Tripcase.com – Similar to Tripit, Tripcase is another award-winning platform that builds your itinerary and helps you estimate the overall cost. Simply forward your email confirmations (such as your Flyavel flight confirmation) to the website, and the app gets to work.
  • Triphobo.com – Like the rest, Triphobo is a detailed scheduler that helps you discover cheap accommodations and helps you budget in multiple currencies.


There you have it - excellent ways to create an itinerary. Once you have booked your budget trip on Flyavel, start building around your must-see activities. If you leave yourself enough freedom to explore, your holiday is a guaranteed success. Have fun, and travel happy!

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