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Top 5 Attractions in Berlin

19. januar 2020
Berlin, Germany is often called one of the most friendly locations for the budgeting traveller. Although you might think a city as big as Berlin would be expensive -- and it certainly can be -- if you know a couple of tricks like the locals do for saving money, navigating Berlin without spending needlessly is easy! Here are the Top 5 attractions in Berlin to visit if you are trying to save some money.

Tempelhofer Feld

If there is one thing that Berlin doesn’t lack, it is plenty of green space for picnicking and flea markets. One of the most popular public spaces would be the Tempelhofer Feld, which used to be an airport until 2008. Nowadays, while you won’t find much shade here, many people gather to sunbathe in the summer, go cycling, start up a barbeque, rollerblade, and so much more. It’s always very lively, and it is excellent for soaking up some sun and Berlin culture. 

Walk Around the Mitte Neighborhood 

The historical center of Berlin is the perfect place to get lost. The sheer volume of museums located here, as well as the mixing of old and new entertainments is quite fascinating. You will find everything from historical architecture to clubs, bars, cafes, high-end shopping and more. However, you will definitely want to walk around to take in the architecture of the museums. Further, check out the Reichstag, which has free entry (just make a reservation online). Another museum with free admission is the Topography of Terror. Lastly, the Berlin Wall Memorial is a must see. 

The Art of Friedrichshain 

Because Friedrichshain emanates an artistic vibe, many artists, college students and hipsters can be found here. However, that’s not why we’re recommending you go. Rather, it is the unique exterior artwork that covers a great number of facades. Think of Friedrichshain an open-air art gallery that has enough artwork to quickly fill your memory card up. Be sure to walk the famous streets and check out the East Side Gallery. Afterwards, window shop the boutiques or sit down at a cafe for some coffee. 


The direct translation for Mauerpark is “Wall Park.” The name is fitting, because it used to be the location of the dead zone between West and East Berlin. Though the area isn’t picturesque by any means, it is still a popular place to take pictures, watch soccer games, and participate in some public, laissez-faire drinking. 

The other fun thing about Mauerpark, aside from it being the location or one of the largest flat markets in Berlin (which takes place on every Sunday from 7:00 to 17:00, is its association with outdoor karaoke. That’s right. There is a huge amphitheater where the brave go to sing along to their favorite tunes. It’s called the Bear Pit, and the event starts at 15:00. 

Holocaust Museum 

Regardless of your budget, there is one place that everyone should see if they have the chance. That place would be the haunting Holocaust Museum. The museum was erected to commemorate the millions of Jews that met their fate during the Holocaust. One of the most sobering of sights would be the giant field of stelae, a presentation of 2711 slabs of concrete that vary in height. The atmosphere is enough to get shivers running up and down your spine.


Berlin is so huge that you probably won’t be able to see it all, but if you start out with these 5 locations, not only will you save money, but you will be able to fall in love with this fascinating city. Berlin is low-cost, making it ideal for budgeting travellers. Don’t forget to save on your ticket to Berlin by using Flyavel -- because everything you save on airfare can be spent on German beer or museum tickets!

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