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Top 6 Airports for Long Layovers

19. januar 2020
Not too many people happily board planes and look forward to spending hours in the airport. However, what if we told you there are some excellent airports out there that should be destinations in and of themselves? Or what if some airports actually allowed you to have fun? Flyavel travel professionals have done the dirty work for you to find the best airports for long layovers throughout the world.

Here is the top 6 list:

1. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)

Location: Amsterdam, Denmark
It is not the high-tech advancements of AMS that make it an excellent airport for lengthy layovers. Rather, Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is a place where history buffs can get smarter while waiting to take off. The airport was built in 1916 and features a number of terminals with a library, museum, spas, meditation rooms, and even a grand piano for public use. If you need to shower, you can also access elite lobbies from YOTELAIR for around 15 euro, which is pretty decent.

2. Incheon International Airport (ICN)

Location: Seoul, South Korea
Though Seoul should be given a full day at least, if you have a long layover, the megacity is within close proximity to ICN, meaning you can check out Seoul if you don’t feel like remaining within this colossal airport. ICN has plenty of entertaining options on its own, such as hosting live entertainment from local bands, movie theatres, a golf course, and even an ice skating rink. Plus, it is clean, efficient, and full of state-of-the-art technology. You might not want to leave.

3. Changi International Airport (SIN)

Location: Singapore
Being that Changi International Airport is one of the best in the world, you can expect a long layover that is more than 8 hours to actually go by pretty quick. First, the airport isn’t far from the city (it’s in the city), so you can easily hail a cab and go towards Marina Bay to check out Singapore’s nightlife and grab a drink. However, if you don’t want to go into the city, there are 4 terminals with gardens and a monorail connecting them all. There is also a free movie theatre and a 40-feet slide for little ones.

4. Calgary International Airport (YYC)

Location: Calgary, Canada
Love video games? Then you need to put a layover into your schedule for some time at Calgary International Airport, where are a four arcades waiting to transform your layover into a video game marathon. You can play retro offerings like pinball, air hockey and more. For those who don’t like video games, YYC is a streamlined, smooth operating facility with a SpacePort for children, onsite hotels, and a number of amenities that make layovers a breeze.

5. Franz Josef Strauß (Munich) Airport (MUC)

Location: Munich, Germany
Even people who don’t have layovers at Munich’s airport still want to spend time here—especially during the holidays. During December, the interior of MUC turns into a Christmas Market with hundreds of vendors offering unique goods beneath a Christmas tree. There is also an ice skating rink. If you don’t go during winter, there are also sporting events at the MAC Forum, such as tennis or pool surfing. Aside from sports, MUC is a large, spacious 

6. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)

Location: Taoyuan, Taiwan
One of the reasons you want to go to Taoyuan International Airport would be the themed gates, including the extravagant Hello Kitty gate. There are even Hello Kitty-themed payphones, world clock, duty-free souvenirs, seats, and even a breastfeeding room. For those who don’t want to consume the cuteness, there are massage rooms (kung fu massage rooms, to be exact), a number of quiet seating areas to catch a nap, a large number of restaurants and cafes and more with hundreds of shopping and dining choices to select from.

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