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Top 6 Summer Destinations

19. januar 2020
Summer is all about fun in the sun, reconnecting with friends and family, and enjoying everything this beautiful planet has to offer. With kids on break from school, and the daylight hours spanning longer, summer is the perfect time to do some traveling! When looking for an awesome vacation near or far from home, here are the top 6 Flyavel-approved summer destinations to consider.

1. Estonia

One of the three countries making up the Baltics, Estonia is a country that has been receiving a lot of hype lately. And it’s not all just hype! For those who love history, there are a number of preserved Medieval towns around the capital of Tallinn. You can also pop in to many of the wonderful gastropubs. People are super friendly, so you can look forward to a number of conversations! Then, head to the college town of Tartu for archaeological dig sites, sunbathe on Kihnu Island, and go camping in Parnu.

2. Barbados

For Americans and Europeans alike, the exchange rate in Barbados is something worth taking advantage of - especially in the summertime. Around the year, weather in Barbados is perfect; but you should definitely schedule your holiday around shoulder-season, or late summer, when looking to spend less money and see fewer throngs of people. Plus, you get to lounge on beaches, wade through azure seas, taste Bajan cuisine, visit local rum distilleries, and pick up some beautiful Barbadian arts and crafts.

3. Wales, UK

While the UK rarely makes the list for affordable destinations, you’re most often thinking of London or Edinburgh. However, don’t scratch Wales off your list yet! Wales is a hidden gem with around 1400 kilometers of walk-able coastline trails, 641 castles and ruins, and a number of adrenaline pumping activities. Ever want to go ziplining, mountain biking, surfing, and rafting all in one week? You can do that and more in Wales for a very reasonable rate.

4. Montreal, Quebec

In the summer, Montreal, a city older than Canada itself, is alive with joie de vivre. Whether you are looking for a romantic experience or something entirely immersive and life-changing, Montreal has the festivals, food like poutine, historical hotels and castles (with Airbnbs at affordable prices), attractions, and surrounding sights to make your summer holiday a truly memorable one. You can even take a day trip to Mont Tremblant or spend a day at the Biodome.

5. Colorado, USA

Though this state in America is on many a skier’s bucket list, did you know that it is a splendid summer destination as well? You can spend day after day hiking, biking, fishing, whitewater rafting, stargazing, and barbecuing with no end in sight. Cities like Denver have wonderful food and art culture, too, including free festivals; but if you are looking for a true outdoor experience, you might just want to rent a cabin up in the mountains and enjoying getting back to nature for a while as well.

6. Finland

Recently named the Happiest Country in 2018, Finland is a magical, wintry wonderland that is the ultimate destination for those who want to beat the summer heat and discover a natural paradise. There are over 35 national parks to check out, as well as kilometers upon kilometers of posted trails throughout the country. Finland also has a number of free events, both indoor and outdoor, during the summer months. Also, thanks to a wonderful stopover program by FinnAir, you can stay in Helsinki for 5 days while in transit to your final destination. In late summer, especially in the northern Lapland region of Finland, you might even get lucky and see the amazing Aurora Borealis!

There you have it: the top 6 summer destinations to add to your list! Which destination are you thinking about heading to first?

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