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Top 6 things to do in Dublin

19. januar 2020
Dublin; the multicultural capital of the Republic of Ireland. Known across the world as one of the most engaging and charismatic places on the earth, it’s a must-see destination for everyone who fancies a taste of the Irish life.

You’ll never be short of things to do in this fantastic city; if you’re looking to drink with the locals, learn about the history or just laugh along with the craic, Dublin will be one place that you’ll never want to leave!

With so much to do, and so much to see, it can often be hard to plan out your journey. It’s so easy to get distracted in a city like Dublin - and there’s always so much going on that you’ll never truly manage to see everything in one trip.

Don’t worry - to help plan out your Ireland adventures, here’s a list of the top 6 things to do in the great city of Dublin.

Temple Bar

It’s no secret that the Irish are drinkers. In fact, one of the most memorable places in the whole city is a bar!

Temple Bar lies in the very heart of the city, where it has been a proud drinking establishment since the 1600s. It’s incredibly popular with tourists from across the globe, all of who flock to see the beautiful red exterior and enjoy a pint of Guinness (or maybe a glass of Jameson’s!).

More than just a pub, Temple Bar is an iconic piece of Dublin nightlife. It’s an essential destination on many bar crawls, and is an end-of-the-night stop for many young tourists.

Guinness Factory

Dublin - well, Ireland in general - is known for producing Guinness, a bitter dry stout that has become synonymous with the country.
Good news for those who enjoy the drink; tourists can visit the infamous Guinness Factory in the city centre! You’ll be taken on a tour of the facility, where you’ll be given a chance to see how the world-famous drink is brewed, before getting a chance to enjoy some of it yourself.

Don’t drink too much!

Dublin Castle

For those who enjoy culture, history and art; why not take a trip to Dublin Castle? 

This majestic structure was built back in 1204, making it one of the oldest buildings in the whole country. It’s historically been a political residence for many governmental and royal figures, cementing its title as a historical centrepiece of Ireland.

The castle is currently a government building, but don’t let this put you off! It’s still open to the public for a small entry fee.
If you want to visit this iconic tourist attraction to explore the inside or simply marvel at the gardens, why not make it a priority of your must-see list?

The Spire of Dublin

It seems that every city has an impossibly tall structure that draws tourists in, and Dublin is no different. At 120 meters tall, the Spire of Dublin (or the Monument of Light) is a tall pointed structure placed on the site previously occupied by Nelson’s Pillar.

The spire was built in 2003, so it’s a relatively new construction. It was originally erected as a way to fill the gap left by Nelson’s Pillar; a similarly large monument which was destroyed in the ’60s.

St Patrick’s Cathedral

You don’t need to be religious to appreciate the beauty of St Patrick’s Cathedral. This proud monument was founded way back in the late 1100s, and is an absolutely stunning example of past architecture.

A prime example of gothic building, this church is actually the tallest church in the whole of Ireland. It features a 43-meter spire, standing tall over the pristine gardens that it occupies.
Whilst the church itself is a stunning example of Ireland’s religious history, the surrounding gardens are also absolutely gorgeous. What are you waiting for?

Phoenix Park

If you enjoy natural beauty over a sprawling expanse of lush meadows and magical woodland, Phoenix Park is the place for you.

Situated close to the iconic O’Connell Street, about 2 miles away from central Dublin, this is an amazing walled park that encourages an abundance of wildlife due to a plethora of incredible local flora.

It’s not just walks and sights, though; the park is also home to the Dublin Zoo, as well as a frequently used sports field!
Phoenix Park is understood to be one of only 2 parks in the whole world to be awarded with the Gold International Large Parks award, perhaps due to its excellent management and beautiful scenery.
The park might also provide visitors with a rare chance to catch roaming deer! 

What Else?

Well, you will certainly not run out of things to do in Dublin.. However, in addition to the above, we also suggest taking a boat tour, visiting the Museum of Modern Art, strolling through the National Botanic Gardens and visiting the famous Four Courts.

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