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Top alternative destinations for working remotely

1. junij 2020
Imagine this: you wake up, nice and early, before drinking your morning coffee on a balcony overlooking beautiful snow-capped mountains and valleys. Or perhaps you're more into beaches? Well, why don't you jump in the water for a quick refreshment before starting your day?
Afterwards, you head back inside, get yourself ready for the day ahead and then sit down for work. As you pull your laptop out, ready to take on the days activities, you smile to yourself, knowing that life is good.

The appeal of working remotely is intoxicating to many people; you don’t have to talk to people all the time, there won’t be any annoying co-workers that steal your lunch even though it’s clearly labelled and you don’t need to waste your precious time sitting in the car or on a train as you proceed through your morning commute.

Aside from being able to set your own ambitions, not having to deal with a boss and being completely free, working remotely carries with it another amazing perk: you can choose where you work from!
As you don’t need to be in a certain place every day, you’re free to choose where you set up. Your home will be your new office!

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer the hustle and bustle of great cities or scenic views over beautiful horizons, the world is full of incredible places that you can set up. Let’s take a look at a few of the best:

Rüschlikon, Switzerland

Switzerland is known as being one of the most incredible countries to live in. While it is true that Switzerland is pretty expensive (of course the salaries also reflect that), do not be put off by it. Switzerland has everything - from great healthcare system to a renowned way of education, incredible nature and, what's especially important for some, lots and lots of amazing chocolate :) Therefor it's not a surprise to find Switzerland among the very top countries based on the World Happiness Index.

With views like that of Rüschlikon, it’s easy to understand what makes the Swiss way of life so engaging. The lakeside community gets to benefit from some wonderful views over the lake, before heading into the beautifully decorated town, filled with tasteful architecture for a relaxing evening. In fact, that seems to be pretty much the norm in Switzerland. 

Rüschlikon has actually been named as the most attractive commune across the whole of Switzerland! If we also take in account a quality broadband internet connection - Switzerland also ranks very high in this regard - which is key when working remotely, it's no surprise why we added Rüschlikon to our list!

Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland is an amazingly beautiful state; from the rolling hills of the sprawling highlands to the snow-tipped Ben Nevis reaching out over the skyline and numerous magical waterfalls, the nature in Scotland is stunning.
Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, is no different. It’s an amazing city city, both in terms of architecture and the people who live there.
Edinburgh is a very friendly place, and there will always be something to keep you occupied - whether it’s the Fringe Fest every August, or just being able to catch a view of the mighty Edinburgh Castle.

The Royal Mile is located in the centre of the city and is made up of tall, high rise buildings built in a traditional Scottish fashion. It might be expensive, but it’s definitely worth it! There, you'll find many work-friendly cafés and co-working spaces which, along with the whole vibe of the city, are more than suitable for working remotely.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is a very tourist-y city, with millions of visitors every year. Don’t let this put you off, though - it’s undeniably a beautiful place, rich with traditional architecture and canals that thread through the streets.

Amsterdam is another very friendly city - one that’s very environmentally aware, too! You’ll always see an assortment of bicycles chained to the many bridges that reach out over the canal sides. The residents are generally very open-minded and happy.
So it's not a surprise that - with open-minded, happy people and a beautiful setting - Amsterdam is a place of inspiration. A strong community of remote workers has formed in it recently as a result of it. There are many bars and cafés and many offices digital nomads can choose from. As basically everyone in Amsterdam speaks English fluently (those of us from #teamFlyavel that visited Amsterdam never stumbled upon a local who couldn't speak English), communication is easy and therefor relocation (even a temporary one) is not that complicated.

If you're interested in reading more about Amsterdam, you can check out this article or this one.

New York City, USA

New York, New York.

This terrifyingly huge city is located in the northeastern corner of the United States and is only a couple hours away from Canada and Pennsylvania by a car. Residents have plenty of opportunities to escape the city life if they choose.
It's probably needless to point out that New York is one of the most recognisable and busiest cities in the whole world - from highrise buildings that kiss the clouds, iconic bridges and structures, to a curiously efficient block-based street layout, NYC is one of those bucket-list destinations for almost everybody.
New York City, USA

But that's not the main reason why we chose to put New York on our list. 
What makes New York a great place to live for those who work remotely is that it is so connected and offers so many opportunities (including those of business nature). Coupled with its good telecommunications infrastructure (WiFi is available even on the subway), numerous work-friendly cafés and co-working spaces and - last but not least - its diversity, we feel like it's a great choice for remote work. We all know that a monotone lifestyle kills creativity. Well, you’ll never be bored in a city like New York. On a nice summer day, you can spend the entire day working from a bench in Central Park where you'll feel like you're not even in one of the biggest cities in the world. On a different occasion, you might choose to visit a café with a view of the Manhattan skyline and work from there. If you need a break from work you needn't go far - you can easily see a Broadway show! Or visit the Hamptons. Or perhaps take a weekend trip to see the Niagara Falls. Whatever you choose to do, you'll have a plethora of other opportunities in and around NYC left for next time! For more ideas on what to do in NYC, click here.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Most people wouldn’t think of Israel as a relocation destination due to its rough political history and security issues in the region, but for those who do settle down in the middle-eastern nation, it’s a stunning hub of natural beauty and culture.
Israel is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with a wide range of beautiful endemic life that stalks the wide expanses and open planes.

Tel Aviv, the capital city, is equally as majestic - an ancient port town with a rich history and a very unique culture. Recently, the tech sector has been growing fast there. With it, various interesting co-working spaces have started appearing. One such co-working space, for example, turns into a bar at night! There are also more luxurious co-working spaces that have a pool or rooftop gardens. Some even offer free seminars on various subjects for their members. In Tel Aviv, you even have the option to work from Google's campus and see for yourself how the tech giant takes care of their employees!

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