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Top Hacks for Travelling On a Budget

19. januar 2020
Most of us dream of flying out to see the world. From the warmth of the cherry blossoms that halo the rolling Japanese mountains, to the glowing highrise skyscrapers that rub the evening skies of New York, we all have our dream destinations.

One thing we’d all like to know is: How we can make the most of our holidays, whilst spending the least amount of money? Here, we’ll look at some of the most creative and useful travel hacks, to help you really experience your dream 

Bring an Empty Water Bottle

You should bring a spare water bottle with you wherever you go on your travels. Save money by not buying drinks – instead, fill your water bottle at one of the many free water sites offered at hotels, pubs or tourist spots. 
This can be especially useful at the airport. Instead of purchasing a new bottle for your journey, simply fill up your empty one after your security check, and before you get on the plane.

Pack Smart

One of the best ways to save money whilst you’re away is to pack smart. This doesn’t just mean pack light (which is also very important to reduce luggage fees!), but to make sure that you’re equipped for any scenario.
We recommend bringing shorts, warmer clothes and waterproofs on every journey, because if you do get caught off guard, you won’t need to make an unexpected purchase.

Eat Well

It should go without saying that everyone should be eating well – however, food can add up, especially when you’re out and about and getting carried away.
Rather than eating on touristy streets, it’s always a good idea to wander further ahead. Eat where the locals eat, and you’ll save yourself some money as well as enjoy an amazing meal.
If you can, you should also see what local supermarkets have to offer and cook your own food too!

Use Public Transport

Apart from walking, public transport is easily the cheapest way to travel – and it is also very convenient for navigating new cities and unfamiliar areas. However, in some cities, Uber (or a local equivalent) can be almost as cheap as public transport (and much more convenient) if you’re travelling in a 2 – 4 group. As always, check all the options available.

Hostel and Airbnb Over Hotel

Hotels can often be very expensive, especially if you’ve decided to stay for one more unplanned night. Hostels, on the other hand, are more often than not very cheap. You may need to share a room with a few people, but you’ll all be travelling for the same reason and you’ll likely have an unforgettable time.

Hostels also have access to most amenities that hotels do - from showers, to bars and kitchens.

Airbnbs are also usually much cheaper than hotels and, if you want a private room, they are usually cheaper than hostels with private rooms. As far as amenities go – usually you can find an Airbnb with just about anything you want. Kitchens and private bathrooms are quite common, but you can even find more luxury Airbnbs with pools, hot tubs, gyms, etc.

Don’t Bank On Your Bank

It’s very important to notify your bank whenever you plan on going abroad. Imagine being out for dinner, and when you try to pay, your card doesn’t work! If you notify your bank that you’re travelling, then spending outside of your normal pattern shouldn’t flag up, meaning that you can have a problem-free journey.

You should also look into the charges your bank has set for any transactions outside of your local currency. There are many cards that now offer overseas transactions at no extra cost.

Consider Bank Alternatives

Imagine this – you’re left with AUD 20 (which is about €15) in your wallet, none of the credit cards are working (despite being in contact with your bank who claims that the credit cards should work) and you have to buy food and beverage that’ll last you for another 2 days, before being having to pay for a ride to the airport.. yes, that’s what a member of our team experienced whilst travelling in Australia (which is not exactly a cheap country), back then, there was no alternative.
Today, every member of #teamFlyavel is using an app called Revolut. It’s simple to use and great for travelling. You can order a free prepaid Visa via your Revolut account which you can use for payments in domestic and foreign currencies without any fees. To transfer funds to your Revolut account, you can either use one of the existing credit or debit cards, or do a SEPA wire transfer. Apart from easily sending money to your friends via Revolut, you can withdraw cash on ATMs without any fees (the exact amount per month with zero fees depends on your Revolut account). And the best thing about it? When you go travelling, you are in full control of the prepaid Visa. You can decide when to block the card and when to unblock it, you can decide which payments should go through, despite being flagged at first. That way, you always have access to your money.


Museums hold a wealth of knowledge on the locals, history and culture of wherever you visit, making them a must while travelling whether it’s just you or your whole family. And the best part? Most of them are completely free!
There are some exceptions to this, so make sure you check online before you go. It isn’t uncommon for paid museums to at least have one free entry day each week!

Book in Advance

The best way to get the best rates on a budget holiday is to book well in advance. This goes for anything from flight tickets to tourist hotspots - you’ll get the best prices for whatever you plan on doing, provided you book at least 2 months in advance.
This will also take the stress away from last minute booking!

Take a Working Holiday

Enjoy a vacation at minimal cost to yourself, and embark on a working holiday. This does mean that you’ll be balancing work and play, but it also means that you can earn whilst you travel. You won’t be eating as much into your savings, and you can put more money away to save for your next big adventure.

Working whilst you’re away can provide an amazing insight into the culture of wherever you plan on visiting, an experience you may otherwise miss out on!

Travel Apps

There are so many travel apps available now to help make the most of your holiday, that budget travel has never been easier! Apart from Revolut, #flyavelTeam loves Roadie and Grabr, apps that allow people to pay you to make a delivery on their behalf.
If you’re planning on going from one city to another, use Roadie to see if anyone needs a package to be taken whilst you’re there anyway. If you’re going overseas, use Grabr. It makes no difference to you, and you can recover some of the travel costs!

Whilst going on a holiday can become stressful, with all of the booking and cost saving, you should never let that get in the way of enjoying yourself. Remember why you’re going in the first place! 

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