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Top Party Destinations in Europe

January 19, 2020
Like to party, do you? No other place in the world knows how to party like Europe. That said, some places are better for clubbing, dancing, singing, and scenic venues than others, depending on what gets you hyped. Here are the top party destinations in Europe that are Flyavel-approved for those looking for budget-friendly travel and endless excitement:

Reykjavik, Iceland

When you disconnect from mainland Europe and the UK, something magical happens. You get the Euro feel without the ridiculous cover charges and hidden fees. No, instead you get the nightlife of Reykjavik, where the bar crawl goes long and hard—and even locals partake of this ritual daily. You can hop from one bar to another, singing and dancing, all the way to 5:00 the next morning and make new friends while you’re at it. Drinks can get expensive, though, so make sure you party like a local and make use of the happy hours - your wallet will be grateful ;)

London, England

The UK has nightlife for every palate. You want burlesque? Punk rock shows? Glitz and glam? LGBTQ+ friendly bars and pubs? Then you need to get to London. The variety, paired with a rebellious and rowdy party scene is loved by travellers and students alike. While London isn’t the best place to budget, it is the unmatched king of the European party scene.

Ibiza, Spain

When names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton, Madonna, Justin Bieber and more are attracted to the clubbing scene of Ibiza, Spain, you know you’ve found a gem. Ibiza is where upscale meets crazy party. Imagine dining on a Spanish terrace as the sun goes down before diving into world renowned clubs like “Space” and “Pacha.” Another experimental event, called the Zoo Project, is a perfect festival for those who seek drum circles, ruins, palm readings, and music.

Berlin, Germany

The party scene in Berlin is known internationally. Why? Because it is open to anyone, regardless of where you are from and what your sexual orientation is. Students can enjoy a breadth of venues ranging from low-key jazz lounges to cheap, affordable bars like Rosi’s Club. For electronic music, head to Berghain, a power plant that’s now a dance hall. Really, there are so many party venues, you could spend a month here and not see them all.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A favourite amongst students for multiple reasons, Amsterdam is the budget-friendly destination for those who seek bars that stay open to 3:00 the next day, clubs that never sleep, techno music, a red light district, and much more. For those who enjoy EDM, check out the humongous Warehouse Elementenstraat or the Sugar Factory. Of course, there’s intimate lounges and coffee houses. But you know you’re headed straight for the Grey Area, winner of the Cannabis Cup Awards for over 15 years.

Budapest, Hungary

History isn’t the only thing waiting for you in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. If you’re hungry from mind blowing nightlife, then Budapest will satisfy. At night, the quiet city puts on a different face—one of strobe lights, alcohol, loud music, and atmosphere. Paired with the “abandoned house” aesthetic and cheap drinks, Budapest is a whirlwind. In the summer, try out a “bath party” at the famous thermal bath, Szechenyi Spa & Baths.
To party to your heart’s content, you’re going to want to squirrel away some extra cash. That will be easy when you use Flyavel to find a cheap flight to any of these select party destinations in Europe. Once you’re booked, it’s time to party.

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