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Top places to see in Norway

June 1, 2020
Norway is one of the most beautiful destinations in the whole world; it’s not only a great stop for tourists looking to experience Europe, but a must-see country for avid adventures, explores and thrill-seekers alike.

Mountains and cliffs decorate the horizon, forming stunning valleys with crystal clear rivers flowing between. Mist settles on the fjords early in the morning, providing visitors with some truly unforgettable morning scenes. The houses offer a warm invitation with their charismatic designs, vibrant colours and the friendly demeanour of those who live within.

What’s more - Norway is one of the best locations in the world to see the beautiful Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the northern lights.
Norway really is a magical place. If you do choose to visit, you’ll feel like you’re a feature in a picturesque painting or a traditional fairytale.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the city lights, the northern lights, or no lights at all - Norway will have something to offer everybody. If you’re more inclined on a natural holiday across the fjords, visiting the cliffs and mountains or exploring the luscious greenery, Norway will be an idyllic place to live your travel dreams.

Similarly, if you prefer to spend cosy evenings in the heart of busy a city, Oslo might be just what you need.

When #teamFlyavel travelled through Norway, we experienced many things, but the kindness of the locals is one of the things we could never forget. For example, do you know that during the winter months volunteers - especially college students - share hugs in and around downtowns of bigger cities like Oslo? It may seem strange or unnecessary for a random passerby to ask you on the street if (s)he can hug you, then give you a hug and share a beautiful thought with you before wishing you a nice day.. But the purpose of these free hugs is actually very nice and noble - to brighten the day of a fellow human being.

Here are a few of the best places to see on your trip to Norway:


Oslo is the capital city of Norway. A coastal retreat pressed against the southern edge of Norway, it’s one of the most stunning cities in the world.
The Opera House in Oslo, Norway
Bright highrise buildings reach up to kiss the sky and massive green expanses fill gaps throughout the city; there really is something for everyone.

Known for its many museums, all of which take a strong interest in the nordic history of the country, Oslo is a place of culture and learning. In general, Oslo is not exactly a cheap place to see. However, a lot of museums and galleries - and even the Oslo Opera House - are partially financed by taxpayer's money and therefor the entrance fees are very affordable. You’ll be able to get to know the country’s history also from engaging, charming locals who are eager to share stories from across Norway. Apart from museums, galleries, the Royal Palace, stunning beaches and interesting bars (in Oslo, you can, for instance, find a Magic Ice Bar) and charming strolling pathways, there's another thing in Oslo you simply cannot miss out on. Nobel Peace Center
Oslo isn't just about museums and park walks, though. You can also enjoy skiing or snowboarding in a ski resort on the outskirts of the city and if the conditions are right, you'l be able to catch the northern lights too (although admittedly, you will have to be very lucky, they are rarely seen that far south)!


One of the most stunning valleys on the entire planet, Geirangerfjord is one place that everyone should see at some point. Its jaw-dropping beauty, made up of truly breathtaking views, is NOT one that you should miss.

Geirangerfjord is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Norway, and with good reason. The UNESCO world heritage site boasts a 15km expanse of cliffside views and forestry, complete with powerful waterfalls and fantastic wildlife.

Visitors hoping to explore the fjord will have a choice between a few sightseeing options: they can take a boat trip across the lakes, embark on a walking trip or simply take a cable car across the whole fjord.

All of these will allow visitors to catch a different angle of Geirangerfjord, allowing them to experience the pristine location in multiple, equally magical ways.

Svalbard Islands

Don’t let the cold put you off!
The Svalbard islands, whilst technically a part of Norway, are located between the mainland and the North pole. It might be absolutely freezing in the arctic conditions, but believe us when we say it’s well worth a trip.
If you’re a fan of nature, scenery and warm hospitality, Svalbard is the place for you. It’s one of the most northernmost inhabited islands - it’s quiet enough to feel isolated, yet the cities and towns remind you that you’re not alone.

Svalbard is made on rough terrain, including glaciers and cliffs covered with snow. Visitors during the winter will, in most cases, be able to see the northern lights. The summer brings a new attraction, though: the midnight sun!
Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) in Svalbard, Norway
Throughout the Svalbard islands, during the summer months, there will be 24-hour sunlight. This might be a bit confusing at first, but after a day or two, you’ll get used to it - it really is something to behold!

The wildlife on the Svalbard islands is also incredible. Communities of polar bears wander the glaciers, arctic foxes zip through the snow and traditional reindeer will carefully track hoof-prints through the ice.

If you look out to the sea, you might catch a glimpse of whales, seals and rare migratory birds.

Norway truly is a fairytale destination and should be at the top of your must-see list! If you’re ready to visit the magical country and see some of the most stunning views in the whole world, why not book an open-jaw plane ticket to see as many towns, cities and fjords as possible?

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