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What To See and Do in Valencia, Spain

19. januar 2020
Valencia! The Spanish city known for oranges, olive oil, beaches, and springtime weather throughout the year. Though Valencia is located in Spain, you will find that this is a world in and of itself, surrounded by intrigue, history, and a tale of two cultures—Spanish and Catalan. Those who are in the mood for history will find themselves just as entertained as those seeking some honest thrills and adventures. Here is everything Flyavel recommends you need to see and do in Valencia:

1. Eat Authentic Paella

This hearty Spanish dish is at the centre of every Spaniard’s soul and the beginnings of Paella are in Valencia. The main difference between Valencian paella and the stuff made elsewhere is that you will never see a shrimp or chorizo in it. After tasting paella at some of the best food stalls, like those at Mercado Central, you could be tempted to take paella cooking class.

2. Visit Valencia Beaches

Even if you don’t plan on swimming or have forgotten your bathing suit, the beaches are always worth a trip. First head to the main beach, Malvarosa, to find a clean strand of white sand lined with beach chairs and souvenir stalls. The best beaches, though, are available right beyond the city limits, where there are fewer crowds. Stay for the sunset. You won’t regret it.

3. Fallas Festival

If you plan on visiting Valencia around March 15th, you will be just in time for the UNESCO heritage award-winning festival known as Las Fallas. This festival is all about fireworks, churros, illuminations, crazy stunts, and making memories. Las Fallas is growing bigger and bigger each year, too, now that it is gaining international attention. We at Flyavel are happy to get you ready to experience the fun.

4. Torres de Serranos

While wandering the historic sections of the Old City and Turia Gardens, you will come across the stunning Torres de Serranos, which belongs to the long demolished ancient wall called the La Muralla Cristiana (or “The Christian Wall”). These two towers are often the spot for a photo shoot or two, but they also play an integral role in the aforementioned Valencian festival, Las Fallas, as the location of the opening ceremony.

5. City of Arts and Sciences

While most don’t go on vacation with the hope of learning something new about the world, there is a famous collection of buildings in Valencia that you can’t overlook. That would be the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, or the City of Arts and Sciences. Here, you can find world-class, interactive science exhibitions, art galleries, classic music concerts, and architecture created by Santiago Calatrava.

6. The Cathedral de Santa Maria de Valencia

Beyond the picturesque Plaza de la Virgen square is the famous Cathedral de Santa Maria de Valencia. Aside from the architecture of this beautiful Gothic building, you can head inside and go in search of the Holy Grail.

Valencia will not disappoint, no matter when you visit it. Though these 6 things to do in Valencia are just the beginning, they are the start of a fabulous itinerary.

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